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The Troy Band Program has had a tradition of excellence since it's inception in the 1930s. The Troy Band includes grades 6-12 and provides performance and adjudicated opportunties for those students interested in instrumental music.

The Troy Band Program encourages all Troy City Schools students to become involved in the study of an wind or percussion instrument of their choice.

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2016-2017 Troy MB Leadership Team

Section Leader: Collin Goltzene, Morgan Lemmon, Caitlyn Cusick

Squad Leader: Issac Lovitt, Collin Goltzene, Kyra Leckrone, Nick Rizkallah, Zoey Geuder, Isiah Shannon, Caleb Betz, Josh Keechle, Logan Chaney, Ally Decker, Caitlyn Cusick, Sunao Masunaga, Sarah Jergens, Jennic Funderburg

Team Leader: Cassandra roache, Collin Goltzene, Morgan Lemmon, Caleb Betz, Logan Chaney, Elizabeth Lines, Lauren Richardson, Kate Timmers, Jason Shiltz, Caitlyn Cusick, Sarah Jergens, Jennica Funderburg

Music Librarian: Josh Kraynek, Elizabeth Lines

Drill Librarian: Caleb Betz, Ally Decker

Attendance Crew: Zoey Geuder, Cynthia Stanley, Jordan Horstman

Semi Equipment Crew: Collin Goltzene, Josh Keechle

Uniform Crew: Cynthia Stanley, Kate Timmers, Sierra Brown, Sarah Jergens, Jennica Funderburg

Field Paint Crew: Jamey Boezi, Adam Falknor

Clean Up Crew: Ally Decker, Elizabeth Lines

Field Equipment Crew: Austin Jahnigen, Ally Decker, Elizabeth Lines

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Congratulations to the


 Troy High School Marching Band

Percussion Section

Snare: Spencer Kondall, Noah Brown, Steven Andrade, Jonathan Post

Tenors: Kyle Miller, Matthew Brush

Bass Drum: Skyler Williams (1), Mitchell Simon (2), Tim Hanna (3), Z Erwin (4), Mitch Orozco (5)

Drum Set: Cameron Heffner

Marimba: Megan Hartley, Nick Alexander, Lexi Hayslip

Vibraphone: Anni Ash, Jackson Shuman

Xylophone: Matthew Spencer

Bells: Zac Hanna

Synthesizer: Landon Flory, Rory Love

Auxillary Percussion: Tristan Parsons, Logan Williams, Shivam Patel

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Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Drum Majors

Names are listed alphabetically

Michala Andrade, Head Drum Major, Front Sideline

Jamey Boezi, Back Sideline

Adam Falknor, Back Sideline

Abby Smith,  Front Sideline